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Dragon Jack Sullivan" USMC Heavy Machine Gunner, Marine 1st Defense Battalion, Wake Island, December 1941 (Private)
This figure has some great new items including the M1917 .30 cal Browning Machine Gun w/ Tripod.
Price..$49.99 Sale..$46.99

Dragon Cyber Hobby 1:6 Danny (Private 1st Class) Sniper US 2nd Ranger Battalion France 1944 Price…$99.00 Sale...$89.00

Dragon Barney WWII USMC Bunker Buster 4th Marine Division Bazookaman Iwo Jima 1945 Price..$49.99

Dragon 1/6 "Charles Black" (Private) - British 8th Army North Africa 1942 Price…$37.50

Dragon Founding Father of Republican China - Sun Yat-sen Price..$99.00

Dragon 1/6 "Josh Mason" (Private) - USMC Shotgunner 1st Marines, 1st Marine Division, Peleliu 1944 Price..$64.99 Sale…$57.99

Dragon 1/6 "Wes Worthy" - British Commando Sniper, No.6 Commando, Normandy 1944 (Private) Price..$59.99

Dragon Bob Richardson" - British Military Police, British 2nd Army, Northern Germany 1945 (Sergeant)
Price $44.99 Sale..$42.99

Dragon 1/6 "Yuri Pavlovich Popov" (Private) - Soviet Winter Submachine Gunner, 6th Guards Army, Königsherg 1945 ~ Gear Plus Series
Price..$64.98 Sale..$58.99

Dragon 1/6 "Daniel Winston" (Private) - British Bren Gunner w/AA Tripod British Expeditionary Force, Dunkirk 1940 Price…$69.99 Sale…$64.99

Dragon Arthur Barnes" - British Infantry Patrol No. 9 Commando, Italy 1944 (Private) Price..$47.99 Sale..$44.99

Dragon Rick Hamilton" - USMC M-240 Gunner Price..$46.99 Sale..$43.99

DRAGON 1/6 "Peter J Coates" (Private) - British Expeditionary Force Infantryman, Dunkirk 1940 (70th Blitizkrieg, Operation Fall Gelb) Price.$69.99 Sale...$64.99

Dragon 1/6 "Terry Davies" (Private) - British Tank Crewman Royal Armoured Corps Northwest Europe 1944 Price…$37.50

Dragon 1/6 "Jake Hanson" (Private) - USMC Sniper 1st Marines, 1st Marine Division, Operation Stalemate II, Peleliu 1944 Price..$64.99 Sale..$57.99

Dragon "Jack Wace" - Platoon Leader, First Special Service Force Italy 1943 (Second Lieutenant) price..$42.99

Dragon 1/6 "Eric Stark" (Corporal) - USMC Machine Gunner, 1st Marines, 1st Marine Division, Operation Stalemate II, Peleliu 1944 Price..$69.99 Sale..$59.99

Dragon Billy Hicks" - B-17F Waist Gunner, 100th Bombardment Group (Heavy), Eighth Air Force, Regensburg Raid 1943 (Staff Sergeant) BONUS B-17 Compartment Included. Price..$189.99 Sale..$159.99

Dragon Dragon 1/6 Japanese Ogawa JGSDF 32nd Infantry Regiment Ogawa .Price..$59.00 Sale..$49.00

Dragon Eddie Parker U.S Recoillss Rifle, Marine Div. Okinawa. In Stock Now!.Price..$49.99 Sale..$44.95

Dragon Tim Coburn" - B-17 Waist Gunner 100th Bombardment Group (Heavy) Eight Air Force ETO 1944 9Staff Sergeant) "DMU Exclusive. Price..$199.99 sale..$189.99

Dragon 1/6 "Cappy" (Private 1st Class) - U.S. Ranger, 2nd Ranger Battalion, France 1944 (Life-Like Sculpts) - Cyber Hobby List…$89.99 Price..$84.99. In Stock Now!

Dragon US Navy Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Squadron Pilot Commander Rich Blankenship... ITEM NO.70182 Price…$59.99

Dragon"Norman White" - 51st Highland Division "Black Watch", Sicily 1943. Price..$46.99 Sale..$43.50!

Dragon Aaron 7th Armoured Bgde. Umm Qasr
Bring on the Brits! Includes desert DPM clothing and covers, helmet, ammo pouches, sunglasses, combat knife, walkie talkie, water bottle, L86, and more.
Price..$39.99 Sale..$37.99

Dragon 1/6 Dragon 1/6 "Robert Davies" (Private) - BEF Lewis Gunner, Dunkirk 1940 Price..$79.50 Sale..$74.50

Dragon 1/6 "Vladimir Petrovich Kozlov" (Private) - Soviet Infantry w/Mine Detector, Eastern Front 1943 List…$89.99 Price…$74.99

Dragon Pavlo Romanovich Titov" (Private) - Red Army Assault Engineer w/DPM Light Machine Gun, 22nd Engineer-Sapper Brigade Soviet 59th Army, Finland 1944 Price…$64.99 Sale…$58.99

Dragon "Matt Clapton" U.S. Military Police Third Army Peover Camp England 1944 (Private First Class) Price..$48.99 Sale..$44.99

Dragon action figure 1/6 "Serge Bernier" - French Tank Crewman (Caporal), 15éme Bataillion de Chars de Combat, France 1940 Price..$42.99 Sale..$39.99!

Dragon "Dewey" 162nd Regiment "Jungleer" 41st Infantry Division Biak New Guinea 1944 Price…$59.00

Dragon "Tim Wright" (GSgt) - USMC M1919A4 Machine Gunner, 27th Marine Regiment 5th Marine Division, Iwo Jima 1945 Price..$64.99 Sale..$58.99

Dragon Models Desert NBC "Josh Simon" in Desert Battle Dress Overgarment 12" Military Action Figure
Price..$44.99 Sale...$42.99

Dragon 1/6 DRF70811 Johnny Vicks (Private) - British SAS Trooper, 1 SAS Regt., Germany 1945
Price..$69.99 Sale..$64.99.

Dragon Models 1/6 scale 12" Windtalkers Navajo Code Talker
Adam Beach Ben Yakzee

Dragon "Lewis Wilson" (Private), USMC BAR Gunner 5th Marines 1st Marine Division, Operation Watchtower Guadalcanal 1942 Price..$64.99 Sale..$59.99

Dragon 1/6 "Jack Hanlon" (Private) - USMC Squad Gunner, 28th Marines 5th Marine Division, Operation Detachment, Iwo Jima 1945 Price..$69.99 Sale..$59.99

Dragon 1/6 Action Figure Mickey" (Sergeant) - US Ranger Sergeant, 2nd Ranger Battalion, France 1944 Cyber Hobby Exclusive with Life-Like Sculpt Price..$89.99 Sale..$84.99

Dragon 1/6 "Kenneth Laird" - British SAS Trooper, 1 SAS, Operation Archway, NW Germany 1945 (Private) Price..$44.99 Sale..$42.99 sOLD oUT

Dragon1/6 "Charles West" (GSgt) - USMC Rifle Company NCO, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division, Operation Cartwheel, Cape Gloucester 1943 Price..$64.99 Sale..$59.99

Dragon 1/6 action figure Subadai The Mongol Price..$39.99

Dragon 1/6 "Eddie Mac" (Lieutenant) - SAS Officer, North African Campaign 1942-43 Price....$54.99 Sale..$52.99

Dragon 1/6 "Jones" (Lieutenant Colonel) - British Paratrooper, 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment, Falklands War 1982 Price…$85.00

Dragon Bryan Gikinson" - U.S. Army Combat Engineer (Sergeant), ETO, December 1944 Price$44.99 Sale..$42.50

Dragon "Terry Davies" - British Camo Tank Crewman, Royal Armoured Corps NW Europe 1944 (Private) NEO 3 BODY Price..$44.99 Sale..$42.99

Dragon , 101st Airborne Division ETO 1944-45 (Corporal) -DMU Exclusive Price..$44.50 Sale..$41.50

Louis Fletcher - British Army Irish Guards, Guards Division, Iraq 2003 Price..$44.50 Dsle..$41.50

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