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If history is a major part of your life, don't miss out on this great opportunity to start collecting German soldier action figurines, military action figures from the Napoleonic period, collectible military action figures from Russian military periods, and assorted other DiD action figures. This is your one stop online shop for WWII collectible SS action figures, collectible 11/6 scale action figure items, military police action figure items, assorted WWII military action figures, and WW II German collectibles with a variety of accessories.

Our business goal is to provide collector's of WWII action figures with the action figure German soldiers they want to add to their collection, with a proud collection of our own featuring Russian military action figures, Napoleonic era DiD action figures, WW II military police action figure collectables, and assorted other WWII action figures showcased in our store. Give the history buff on your gift list a gift that is sure to please him or her when you give any of the collectible military action figures featured here in our product gallery.

Whether you are looking for WWII collectible SS action figures, collectible 11/6 scale action figure items, Russian collectible military action figures, French military action figures, and many other collectible military action figures to add to your collection, we offer only the finest quality products. It is our immense pleasure to provide a wide selection of collectible action figures to fit into the collections of people everywhere, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Soldier Story 82nd Airborne Division Normandy 1944 (SS-077) Price...$149.00

Cal-Tek: Soldier Story 1/6 scale Action Figures French Infantryman May 1940 Price.$109.00 Sale...$104.00

Soldier Story 1/6 Henry Kano 442nd Infantry Regiment Italy 1943 Item Number: SS-059 Pre-order now Price…$117.00!

DID 2006 ANNIVERSARY EDITION Peter Greim Grossdeutschland 16. Kompany w/ 2.8 cm anti-tank gun .
Price...$62.95 SALE... $57.95

Radio Operator of Grossdeutschland Division (GD) 1942 East Front “Fall Blau”-Sergeant Major Wolfram Price...$149.00

3R GM619 Goring 1/6 scale Decoration Set This sets included: (1) A Metal Pipe. (2) A Metal Handmade Torque. (3) A Great Coat with Wool Collar. (4) A Humidor Containing Ten Cigars. (5) A Dagger with Sheath and Wooden Case. (6) An Extremely Realistic Headsculpt of GENERAL with Open Mouth. (1 Pcs) Price..$64.99

DID HJ Kämpfer - Volkssturm Berlin April 1945 Captain Dan Lamp on 1/6 hand made camo painted bike lights up! Pre-order now! Price..$125.99

Cal-Tek 1/6 scale Dress Blue Marine with M1 Garand Item Number: CAL-8013 Price…$119.00 Sale...$116.00!

Soldier Story USAF PJ US Air Force Pararescue Jumpers Type C

DID/ 3R 3R Toshiro Mifune Wooden Table with map and table cover, New in box!
3R007E Price..$39.99

Soldier Story 1/6 1st Battalion 75th US Ranger Regiment in Afghanistan Item Number: SS-051 $169.99

DID Albert GUARDS OFFICER B.E.F 1940 John Colman. Set includes one male figure body with two complete Guards Officer uniforms, plus overcoat, map attache case, and canvas gas mask carrier, includes all metal Vickers Machine Gun, complete with water tank and tube for barrel water jacket and ammo box with metal bullets on a cloth ammo belt Price..$74.99!

DID Luftwaffe Infantry Division
Richard Schlem. Die Cast MP 40 Drop Canister Winter Coat, Hat and more!!! This one figure. Price..$62.95 Sale..$57.99

DID 34th Infantry Bazzoka man Russel Franklyn. Price..$79.50 Sale..$77.50

Price..$160 Sale$119.00

DID/ 3R Joseph Goebbels Desktop Accessory Set Includes 1, White telephone (resin made) 2, One biography book 3, A realistic Hitler headsculpt (resin made) 4, Two awesome microphones (resin + metal made) 5, A wooden stand for the pike 6, Metal pike of the Spear of Longinus 7, Wooden box for the pike 8, A penholder and two pens 9, Green table lamp (can be turned on) * Table NOT included. Price..$43.00

DID WWII USMC 1st Marine Division Regiment George Puller Two Character heads with different expressions ,Did Type-F body ,Green cotton vest ,Steel helmet with helmet shells, liner and leather chinstrap ,Hands, HBT jacket ,HBT trousers ,Metal knife with leather cover ,Grenade x3 ,BROWNING 1919 A4 .30 CAL machine gun with M2 tripod (Metal) ,Ammunition box (Metal) and much more! Price..$79.50

Kings Toys WWII German U-Boat Seaman Price..$99.99

DID Heinz Guderian One figure comes with 2 uniforms. Field Gray Generals uniform and Black tankers General's uniform. Price..$59.00 Sale..$55.00

Soldier Story 1/6 USAF PJ US Air Force Pararescue Jumpers Type B Price...$159.00

Max Müller Special Edition German Infantry 1914-1915 ITEM NO: D11006 Specail weathed addition Price..$129.00

DID 3R Erwin Rommel Also comes with 1x full metal-made battery commander's telscope (40+ parts!) Sold out!! $95.00

DID-1/6 Scale 15cm NEBELWERFER (ordinance yellow) Price..$119.00

DID 15th The King's Hussars George. This is one figure shown in the 2 different pants. Horse not included. Price.. $109.99

1/6 Did E60039 Deluxe Accessories set MP40 MP-40 Gun Price…$36.00

1/6 Did E60037 Deluxe Accessories set Mountain troops A Price…$36.00 !

DID Jodef 1942 Stalingrad German 6th Army · Highly Realistic Metal Cable Layer Backpack With Articulated Chain · Improved Wood & Metal K98 With New Bayonet Included and much more! Price...$88.00!

DID SS -Panzer-Abteilung 101 " Tim Becker Price..$62.50

DID 12th SS Panzer Division. Timo Ducca. Price..$64.99 Sale..$57.99 Sold out!

Did 1/6 E60037 Deluxe Accessories set Mountain troops B Price..$36.00

Soldier Story LAH Panzer Commander Joachim Peiper Price. ..$91.99 Sale $89.00 In Stock now!

Barracks Sergeant 1/6 scale Tri color German tent Price..$54.99 Pre-order now!

Soldier Story 1/6 scale RPzB 54 Panzerschreck Yellow version Price..$39.99

3R Hermann G. v2 - Stamp & Chalice Set New in box! Price…$17.99

3R Admiral Karl Donitz 1 Tunic + 2 Great Coats, Blue + white peaked cap + Tons of Great Gear. This figure is fantastic!!!!!! Sold out! Price…$115.00

Soldier Story 29th Army Infantryman 1937 Marco Polo Bridge Incident Only 700 Made Worldwide Price..$75.00

Soldier Story Korean War 1951 The Chinese People's Volunteer Army (PVA) Price..$79.99

Soldier Story Major General Ariel Sharon In 1967-1973. Price..$54.99

3R DID 3R Hermann Göring 1893-1946 Head of the Luftwaffe Price...$94.00

Soldier Story 160th SOAR Night Stalkers Pilot CW4 Todd McDunn ITEM NO: SS-046 Price…$114.99 Sold out!

Soldier Story Soldier Story FCS US Army Future Combat Systems
TF Version Price..$104.00 Sale..$99.00 Sold out!

Soldier Story Operation Neptune's Spear Seal Team VI Naval Special Warfare Development Group Item Number: SS-057 Price…$124.99 Sale...$119.000

Soldier Story MACV-SOG Vietnam In Action Price..$99.00 Sold out!

Soldier Story FCS US Army Future Combat Systems ACU Version
Price...$94.99 Sale..$92.99 Sold Out!

Soldier Story US Marine Corps Flamethrower Iwo Jima 1945

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